Mingling with Friends

I recently was mingling with my friends celebrating my birthday.  My friends don’t see me any differently than anyone else. Yes, I have cp, use a power chair for mobility and have speech difficulties, and have health issues that affects my daily life, but ultimately  I am Ang. I have feelings, hopes and dreams like everyone else. I have plans on being a writer and an advocate for all people. On this particular night, I went to order my meal with the rest of my friends. While waiting in line, an Asian woman in front of us asked one of my friends “Are you with that lady?”, referring to me. My friend said yes. Then the lady asked “why are you making her order her own meal?” To which my friend replied ” She is more than capable of doing so and I don’t want to take away her independence.” The lady gave a look of inconvenience. We let her go ahead of us. Little did we know that she had a list of 10 meals to order. I had a good time, but for that brief moment I felt like I didn’t belong there. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your circumstances are, you belong in the community and the world. I believe that I have been put on this planet to teach people about equality and acceptance img_0882


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