The Impact of April 7

April 7 is a significant day for me for a few reasons. It is a day of vulnerability on many levels. You see, today is the day I was sexually assaulted by a taxi driver in my own apartment. I was doing something nice for a friend and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I caught a maxi taxi home and the driver saw a woman who looked vulnerable. I did freeze while things were happening to me. However, little did he know that he messed with the wrong girl. I may look like a person who doesn’t process strength, but my inner strength outweighs the body that traps it. There were detectives and forensic staff everywhere. I do remember the people that I thought loved me yelling at me with blame. “How could I let this happen?” I really felt ashamed. I later found out that it wasn’t until the second trial that I was actually believed because I stuck to the truth. That really hurt. It is also the date of the second trial when he was sentenced. Initially I felt bad about taking a 3 year old girl’s father away, but realised that it was him that did the wrong thing. I was really shaken by the fact that certain body parts had a dollar value placed on them. The human body is beautiful and shouldn’t have a price tag on it.

I love Renoir paintings and feel that this one represents the vulnerability and beauty of the human body, particularly of a woman. I want to utilise this opportunity to point out that we are all beautiful in our own way and nobody deserves to be treated like I was. I have every right to be a part of my community whether I have Cerebral Palsy or not. I’m going to make a difference


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